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Bask’s new album, Ramble Beyond is officially out today on all digital platforms and on CD. As you can read from the graphic above, the vinyl will be out on May 19th. We are sorry for any confusion, which has been very minimal and why we went with graphics in the first place. If you place an order for the CD, your order will be promptly shipped. If you ordered a CD along with the shirt and vinyl preorders, your package will be shipped around May 19th. I assume you’re starting to see a pattern here. Preorders are still going for the vinyl, so place that order now!!!

If digital is your bag, then go to your favorite digital retailer and check out the album. I would suggest using bandcamp, because more of that goes back to the label and the band. If you’re in Europe then please pick up the record/cd from This Charming Man Records.

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