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Bask’s new album, Ramble Beyond is officially out today on all digital platforms and on CD. As you can read from the graphic above, the vinyl will be out on May 19th. We are sorry for any confusion, which has been very minimal and why we went with graphics in the first place. If you place an order for the CD, your order will be promptly shipped. If you ordered a CD along with the shirt and vinyl preorders, your package will be shipped around May 19th. I assume you’re starting to see a pattern here. Preorders are still going for the vinyl, so place that order now!!!

If digital is your bag, then go to your favorite digital retailer and check out the album. I would suggest using bandcamp, because more of that goes back to the label and the band. If you’re in Europe then please pick up the record/cd from This Charming Man Records.


bask-picsSelf Aware Records is pleased to announce we are working with Bask on their upcoming album for release in Spring 2017! For exciting updates on tour dates, single releases and more, follow the band on their sites:

twitter: @thebandbask
fb: facebook.com/basknc
IG: @Baskband   #Baskband

We got a little eager and decided we didn’t want to wait until the new year, so here we are! Really excited how this record sounds and how the rest of 2017 is shaping up for our projects. It’s also awesome to have some Self Aware alumni returning to the label. Bask features Scott Middleton of Means Well, a little band we worked with back in 2013.  Super stoked to welcome him back and to be working with such a hardworking and talented band.


mbmsWe’re really excited to welcome MyBrother MySister to the Self Aware family. We are working with the young band on their new EP, “Haze/Thursday.” The effort will be released on 12/16/2016 and we’ll have more information about preorder and song premieres very soon. For the time being just hold your horses, and brace yourself for the awesomeness.

Thanks for the support for 2016, we’ve had another great year.  As you compile your year end lists, please recall that we released EPs by Mineral Girls and Easy Creatures, as well as albums by Serfs and Totally Slow. We’ll be watching, so don’t forget!


planned_parenthood_logo_svgHello there! So for the rest of the year (at least), everything on our bandcamp will be pay what you want, and we will be matching and donating all sales to Planned Parenthood. Things are crazy right now and they’re getting crazier. Don’t be silent and don’t sit still. Don’t wait and see. But please be kind to each other, please support each other, PLEASE stand up for anyone you see being discriminated against. Take the high road and stand your ground, we’ll see you there!

If you would feel more comfortable donating directly to Planned Parenthood, please do that here.


SA036: Mineral Girls "Seven Inches of Release" 7" EP (split release w/ Broken World Media) The new 7″ from Mineral Girls “Seven Inches of Release” is out now! Pick up a copy from our webstore or from Broken World Media. If you work in a record store, and are reading this, then pick up some copies.

These are two of the best songs Mineral Girls have written and the most collaborative I’ve heard the band. It’s been a long and delayed process but I’m super stoked to finally have this out in the world. Pick up a copy, or two, or three!


fp-1473529293The new album by Totally Slow, “Bleed Out,” is officially out on Self Aware Records. You can also pick up copies from Negative Fun Records if you have an allergic reaction to us. Pick up the new release on vinyl, CD or wherever you buy digital releases.

If you are going to support the release digitally, we kindly ask you to check it out on bandcamp, either from us, Negative Fun or the band. For the most part, that puts the most cash in our pocket and keeps us old men from screaming at the cloud about the evils of digital streaming and the micro-pennies that it generates. Spotify, while I like it on a personal level, is a great disservice to small artists. Buy a shirt, buy vinyl or just simply ask a band how you can support them the best. For now we will continue to spread the word on as many streaming services as possible, because ultimately we want you to hear what we do as a label.

1. Bleed Out
2. Idol Hands
3. Shots
4. Bleed Out (Reprise)
5. P.O.S
6. Free Hugs
7. Drug Mask
8. Everybody Give Up
9. Blank Paper Sides

Pick up your copy here!!!


We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing the new EP, “Low Fidelity,” from Philadelphia’s own Easy Creatures. The band features ex-members of Walleye, Railhed and many others. We will be releasing the 4-song EP on April 8th, 2016 on cassette and digital formats.


When Philadelphians Jeff Tirabassi, Joey Simpers, and Mark McKinney set out to form Easy Creatures, it was a rekindling of a decades-long relationship.Simpers and Tirabassi once formed the rhythm section of 90’s post-hardcore outfit Walleye, while McKinney wrote and played guitar in the melodic and emotive Railhed. Both bands — having toured the U.S. and released 7”s and LPs on Jade Tree — had achieved a modicum of notoriety beyond the confines of their home First State before calling it a day and pursuing life outside of music. Twenty years, three kids, five restaurants and a skate shop later, the friends returned to the practice space.
As is often the case with old mates, Easy Creatures’ sound is like picking up where you left off, but at the same time having something new and engaging to say. In 2014, the band released a split 7” with Chicago’s All Eyes West (Jump Start).

With the addition of singer Greg Polard (vocalist for the straight edge hardcore band One Up in the early 2000’s) and Paul Butterly (Kill Verona/Little League) Easy Creatures has recorded four new songs at Gradwell Studios with Steve Poponi (Fight Amp, Jazz June) that captures the essence of the band’s melodic power.



1. Sick Day
2. Fontanelle
3. Jewels
4. Low Fidelity



PREORDER NOW: goo.gl/kcE6sI


We are excited to welcome Serfs (Charlotte, NC) to the Self Aware Records family. Their debut full length album will be our image_originalfirst release of 2016. The band have written one of the best indie/shoegaze/pop albums that I’ve heard in awhile. We knew we would be idiots if we didn’t work with them on the release.

Day Hang, the long awaited debut full-length album by North Carolina’s Serfs, arrives through Self Aware Records on January 29th, 2016. It follows the release of three digital singles and 2013’s “Common Feelings” EP.


Serfs began in 2011 after singer and guitarist, Phil Pucci (also of Melt and Ernie) moved back to Charlotte, following a stint living on the west coast, and moved into a house with other founding members and longtime friends, guitarist David Scanlon and bassist Patrick Doherty. The band set up shop in their basement, writing and recording punk songs together, sometimes until the cops were called.

In early 2013, upon parting ways with their original drummer and in the midst of a series of breakups with his ex-girlfriend, Pucci began to write the songs that would end up on Day Hang. He says this about the album: “The songs are about a feeling of bewilderment when you exit a long-term relationship and are trying to find your footing on your own.” The album was recorded over a weekend at Old House Studio and marks a change in sound for the group, employing an array of effects, introspective melodies, moody textures and psychedelic swirls.

1. Can’t Get Control
2. Slowpoke
3. Tone Death
4. Women of LA
5. Wish Period
6. Genesis Drums
7. Teardrop
8. Arab Street
9. You’ll Never Be Good To Me

We will be premiering songs and announcing preorder details in the coming weeks.



Old Flings, Late Bloomer, Alright and Sea of Storms will be descending upon FEST this year. Check out their albums, but also make yourself familiar with the past SA catalog!!! I know all of our bands would appreciate the support and would love to see your friendly faces at their respective show, please come hang out with us and make us feel extra special!

On top of that, we will have a table again at the Fest Flea Market, so come buy some stuff, we wanna go home with a few less boxes, if possible.

Sea of Storms @ ROCKEY’S
Fri. 10/30 • 12:10-12:40 am

Late Bloomer @ HIGH DIVE
Sat. 10/31 • 3:40-4:10 pm

Alright @ PALOMINO
Sun. 11/1 • 2:20-2:50 pm

Old Flings @ THE WOOLY
Sun. 11/1 • 3:20-4:00 pm

Sea of Storms “Dead Weight” 12″ LP (released 2015)
Alright “S/T” 7″ EP (released 2015)
Late Bloomer “Things Change” 12″ LP (released 2014)
Old Flings “Spite” 12″ LP (released 2012)


We are happy to officially unveil the new Amanda X 7″, “Hundreds and Thousands.” Brooklyn Vegan is premiering the track “Juniper” and also have announced the preorder. The band just finished their full United States tour w/ Spirit of the Beehive and will be heading back out with Protomartyr in October! Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.