2014 is coming to a close. I feel like this was the quickest year in my life. I guess that is what happens when you morph into an old man. 2014 was one of the best years we had and really opened up a lot of doors. 2015 is going to be a blast and also cause a lot of stress, but that’s what we love about it. Our first release of 2015 will be at the end of January and will be the debut full-length for Family Friend, which is the solo project of Neil Mauney of Late Bloomer. It features a consider amount less shred, if any at all, but focuses more on the singer-songwriter indie-folk side ala Evan Dando, Lou Barlow mixed with Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan. We are releasing the album on cassette and digital formats. The cassette will be pro-printed and limited to 100 copies with a digital download card. You will also be able to find the album on our bandcamp and through Spotify, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold/distributed.

Stay tuned for more updates in regards to 2015. We have a few releases planned and we are excited about all of them!


The Holidays are upon us, and you need more vinyl! For that, we are running a big sale in the webstore. Go check out the “Holiday Sale” tab in our webstore for very cheap, I mean like criminally underpriced items. Then, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then enter the code: HOLIDAZE2014 at checkout for 15% on all items.

We also would like to remind you that we have new releases by Totally Slow, Black Market, Viewfinder, Late Bloomer, Alright and Museum Mouth that came out in 2014, pick those releases up NOW, if you missed them the first go around! Basically, just browse around, spend some time, make some hard choices. We have hundreds of distro titles and also lots of awesome shirts that you definitely NEED!



THE FEST is right around the corner!!! It’s an awesome time of year and also really awesome when you have bands playing on it. If you are going down to Gainesville, then make sure you check out Totally Slow, Old Flings, Late Bloomer, Matt Evans and Family Friend.

Totally Slow are Fest Freshmen this year, so make sure you go check them out. Old Flings and Late Bloomer should be familiar names, but could still use your support. Matt Evans (of Old Flings) is doing a solo set. Neil Mauney (of Late Bloomer) played a solo set last year under his own name, but he will be back this year under his new moniker, Family Friend. We plan on releasing his debut album in late 2014 or early 2015. He would appreciate the support too.

Matt Evans (of Old Flings)
@ Mother’s Pub

Totally Slow
@ Durty Nelly’s

Old Flings
@ Rockey’s

Late Bloomer
@ Rockey’s

Totally Slow (acoustic)
@ Big Lou’s

Family Friend (Neil Mauney of Late Bloomer)
@ Big Lou’s

Like last year, we released a FREE sampler (on our bandcamp) that gives you an idea with what you can expect from all of our bands, and some of our most recent releases. Check it out and learn all the words!!! Lastly, Have fun at FEST, drink lots of water and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


4a7f6711-80b7-430e-b7d5-a4ca200a5b72-300x154 We are pleased to announce that we are releasing a new record on November 4th, 2014! The release is a split 7″ between Totally Slow and Self Aware newbies Black Market (ex Forcefedglass, Light the Fuse & Run).

Preorders for the release are now LIVE in our webstore and our good friends over at Under the Gun Review premiered a Black Market track, “No Brain.” The 7″ is limited to 300 copies on randomly mixed vinyl. Totally Slow will have some advanced copies (tests) with them at The Fest, but they will be very rare and very limited. If you would like a copy of the vinyl, please go to our webstore now!!! On top of the 2 new songs per band, each band recorded a cover of the other’s song. More details to follow about that, you can find the tracks exclusively on the digital download of the 7″, so that’s nice, right?

Both bands recorded with our good friend, Kris Hilbert at his studio, Legitimate Business. If you are familiar with his work with Junior Astronomers, Late Bloomer, Torch Runner and the Totally Slow LP, you know he does an amazing job.



We are in the thick of the summer and it’s humid here in North Carolina, not sure what the tempature is like where you live, but whatever it is, you should stay inside and listen to records, specifically ones you buy from us!

Speaking of records, the new Late Bloomer album is out, and the reviews have been killer. The same goes for Museum Mouth, who has a new video that premiered on Stereogum today. Both LPs are on sale now in the webstore, so don’t sleep on it!!!

Next week is the official release of the debut album from Viewfinder, “Do You Even Want Anything?” It will be available in digital and cassette formats on July 29th. By digital we mean on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and wherever digital music is bought or sold. The best method of picking it up, if you are going to go the digital route is through bandcamp, so check it out on ours or pick it up from the band. Cassettes are limited to 100 copies on red, so it won’t be around that long. The album was recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business and it sounds amazing, I’m really excited about this young band and you should be too! Check out our webstore and enjoy these new music videos from Late Bloomer and Museum Mouth.







The day has come, you can stop holding your breath. Self Aware Fest starts tonight and the lineup is super stacked. The show will go exactly on schedule, so don’t show up late and complain about missing somebody. Check out the schedule below and come hang out!!!
Junior Astronomers (12:45- until)
One Another (12:00- 12:30)
Muscle & Bone (11:15- 11:45)
Black Market (10:35- 11:00)
Means Well (10:00- 10:25)–side stage
Pullman Strike (9:25- 9:50)
Alright (8:50 -9:15) -side stage

Old Flings (12:45-until)
Late Bloomer (12:00- 12:30)
No Power (11:25- 11:50) –side stage
Totally Slow (10:45- 11:15)
Mike Bell & the Movies (10:00-10:30)
Museum Mouth (9:25-9:50) –side stage
Oddczar (8:50- 9:15)

Friday- doors at 7pm
Saturday- doors at 5pm (cookout/band hangs on the patio)
$7 for one day pass
$10 for a two day pass
(bands get in FREE both days)
out of town bands get ONE guest- no guest list for locals



LateBloomer_ThingsChange_hi resWe are excited to announce the release of the new Late Bloomer LP, “Things Change,” on July 1st. So with that said, preorders are live now and you should pick it up. We are putting this up the night before, so that we can sleep in. I guess that is kind of lazy, but you gotta get it done somehow, right? We also want to let you know that we are co-releasing the album with Tor Johnson Records and Lunchbox Records. Takes a village, I guess? You can preorder the LP from our webstore here, or you can preorder it from Tor Johnson Records here. Wherever you decide to do it, just do it.

We are coming up quick on the 5-year anniversary party at The Milestone in Charlotte. The event is June 13 and 14 and will feature 12 Self Aware bands and 2 special guests. Check the previous post for more details, also go to our webstore and buy an early pass. Only $10 for the two day event.

In July we will be releasing the debut full length from Viewfinder (Boone, NC). More details to come, but for now, just try and chill.


aware 2 We would love to personally invite you to the 5-year anniversary celebration of SELF AWARE RECORDS on June 13-14. It’s been a long 5 years and we look forward to many great years to come. Joining us to celebrate are: Old Flings, Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, No Power, Mike Bell & the Movies (PA), Pullman Strike, One Another, Oddczar, Means Well, Totally Slow, and Self Aware newbies Alright and Black Market. Also playing are special guests Muscle & Bone (Black Numbers) and Junior Astronomers (Broken Circle).

The event is two days at local Charlotte, NC venue, The Milestone. Tickets are $10 for the two day event and $7 if you just want to go to one day. As you can see, getting a two day pass is a way better deal. Purchase your two-day ticket here!!!

Unfortunately Viewfinder, Center of the Sun, Bandname, and Andy the Doorbum will not be able to make the event. We also would like to say thanks to Lowbrow, Calormen, Meth Mountain, Just Die!, World Champions, and Yardwork for being our guinea pigs and letting us figure out this label crap. After 5 years we are doing a little better on knowing what we are doing, but we’d be happy to keep learning and growing. Can’t wait for the 10-year celebration, looking forward to seeing you in 2019!!!


SA021: Museum Mouth - Alex I am Nothing

Happy Easter, or if you are into that sort of thing, Happy 4/20. So this is a short update. Preorders for the new Museum Mouth LP, “Alex I Am Nothing,” will be announced tomorrow or the next day (depending on the new cycle). At that point you will be able to preorder the new LP. The records will ship near the end of May, and the official “street date” is May 27th. The first 100 records are on CLEAR BLUE VINYL, so if you want that, then you need to preorder it asap!

We have more releases to officially announce in the coming weeks and months, we want to thank all of you for your support! You keep us going. Love you. Now go eat some candy, eggs or dank nugs.




I think we start every post by apologizing for not updating the site more often. Well, here we go again. We’ve been busy pushing the Totally Slow LP and it has been going very well. The band has been working their asses off and that definitely helps out a ton. If you live in the southeast, you need to check them out if they roll through your town. They are an amazing live band and always bring the noise.

Next up on our plate is the Museum Mouth LP. Not exactly sure when it will be out, but we are hoping for a late May/early June release. It all depends on Karl Kuehn, who is currently recording, tracking and mixing the final touches on it. Please bug him via twitter and demand that he hurry up. 

After that we will be helping with the 2nd Late Bloomer LP, “Things Change.” That is looking like a June release as well, so it will be a busy summer. Also in the pipeline are releases by Neil Mauney, Viewfinder, and One Another, which we have previously announced in previous updates. Not much more to update, just wanted to let you know about that and wanted you to know that we are still alive and are doing very well. Thanks so much for the support.

We will now go back to bulking up our distro and just simply making sure we are the best label we can possibly be in 2014! Please follow us on twitter and facebook, you are bound to get a lot more updates that way. Go buy something from the distro and check us out on bandcamp.